Inpulsa is a parametric midsole and outsole that follows your baropodometric footprint


Developed from an algorithm made in Grasshopper


Thesis Project for three-year degree. December 2019.


The project is made using an algorithm in Grasshopper. The starting point is the image of a baropodometric examination, which defines the points of greatest plantar pressure.
From this image is developed a parametric algorithm that changes thickness and quantity of material based on the support needed in a given area. This guarantees greater cushioning and high comfort in the midsole. As for the tread, however, the algorithm guarantees more grip where necessary and greater resistance to wear.


Designing an algorithm takes a lot of time, but the aesthetics of the final product should not be neglected. For this reason, after the programming step, I dedicated myself to the single cell of the algorithm. An eight-point grid capable of distributing itself perfectly even in the outer areas of the midsole.
I also hypothesized different upper models, first starting from famous footwear brands, up to a sleek and simple “socks” type upper, so as to give relevance to the geometry of the midsole.


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